Arts and Crafts reinterpreted

Renovation of 20th century house North London.

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Hidden Gem House

Refurbishment and extension, Holland Park, London.

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Agar House

New built family house North Norfolk.

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Art Collector's House

Conversion of two flats into one house, including complete refurbishme...

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River House

Extension to existing house, Petersham, London.

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Sunken House

New built family house North London.

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Ten new built houses Holt, Norfolk.

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Refurbishment of a one bedroom flat in North London.

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Lateral Flat

Full refurbishment to central London flat.

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The tree houses

Options for new built houses placed in secluded meadows within a light...

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Basement Jazz

Addition of basement storey to four storey house in Hampstead.

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Inside Out

Complete refurbishment of 5-storey townhouse

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Light Refraction

Basement extension and refurbishment of 2-storey Victorian house

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Rear and roof extension to listed London terraced house

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Open House

New built four storey detached house in north London.

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Acting Out

Rear extension and refurbishment of West London terraced house.

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Loft conversion and refurbishment of maisonette in west London

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Twin Peaks

New built family house North London.

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Mood Flow

Conversion of two separate flats into one 2-bedroom flat.

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Light Raft

A prefabricated, lightweight roof terrace, situated on existing roof.

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