Public Buildings

The tree houses

Options for new built houses placed in secluded meadows within a light forest.

For a prominent developer client we designed options for new built houses placed in meadows within an area of an ash, birch and beech forest.

The main ideas behind Tree House 1 were a centrally placed internal light shaft, around which the staircase meanders and connects the various floor plates. The height differences between the floor plates in conjunction with the open void of the light shaft, creates a variety of internal room heights and visual connections between the floors. The façade consists of timber louvers that can be retracted for complete openness and closed for privacy. The views of the forest at various heights give a sense of being inside a tree house.

Tree House 2 was conceived as a series of “boxes” seemingly jumbled together to suit light penetration to the centre of the building volume, views outwards and the creation of a series of covered outdoor areas and terraces. The relations between the boxes generate openness and privacy simultaneously. The façade is clad with wood shingles that emphasize the soft edges of the building. The framed views of the forest from within, ルイヴィトンバッグコピー and the views from the various terraces, give a sense of being in a tree house.imitazioni rolex

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